Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Teacher on the move!

What is every teacher's worst nightmare? No- not "you know who" in your class but rather moving in the middle of the year! What a nightmare! I had to move from Florida to South Carolina right after Christmas break. I only had a few weeks to prepare myself, my classes, and my co-workers. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do- other than child birth. You know- it is hard enough to have to prepare for a 1 day substitute. Try having to wrap up projects half started, testing, grades, units, writing contests. These are things that most don't appreciate. For many, a move is just a move. Time to start over- Not for a teacher!

This is where my story begins...

Wait, let me tell you a little about where I am now- and then we can talk about the "how I got there" story.

Right now I am a Educator turned Realtor in Columbia, SC. For some, this seems like a huge jump. For me, it was an easy transition- from educating youth to educating adults. You can change the course content but the delivery method is the same- Teaching! I really love what I do. I love seeing the "Aha's" when the right home is found, or when my clients really understand the process of investing. There are so many teachable moments in Real Estate! I love that!